Small and Medium Enterprises and Start-ups account for a large part of the economy and its growth in many countries

They should not be held back by lack of managerial talent, access to capital and support to grow their business


We work with Small and Medium Enterprises' and Start-ups' controlling shareholders, owners and CEO’s to take their companies to the next level in the international arena

We help Small and Medium Enterprises and Start-ups by reviewing their current position, analyzing their options to grow and increase profitability and, when requested, by acting as their own managers on their behalf  

By acting as executives of the companies we partner with, we share work and rewards with business owners

Small and medium enterprises today play at a disadvantage with respect to bigger companies when competing for capital and managerial talents

We provide them with the opportunity to work with highly experienced international executives while aligning both parties’ work and rewards

We provide a flexible way for companies to expand their business domestically and internationally lowering their risk and cost of doing business

We have worked many years as top executives with international companies

We have been entrepreneurs

We have worked with top management consulting firms in senior positions

We have board level experience

We have worked in tens of countries with people of 50+ nationalities

We hold MBA degrees from the World's top business schools




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